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pig-1-.jpgWe aim to provide you (our brilliant 'pack members!') with excellent information and links to happy holidays, doggy days out, waggy walks and canine couture! Whilst we endeavour to publish up-to-date, accurate information the odd slip-up will enevitably sneak through (we are only human!!).

For this reason, we always recommend that you book ahead, check that the venue still accept dogs and prepare properly for days out and time away from home with your pooch.

See our 'Responsible Dog Owning' page for some great tips and ideas when going out and about with your furry friend: http://www.happydogworld.co.uk/pages/Responsible-Dog-Owning.html

Please note we do not share any of your details with any third parties.

If you have a complaint, please contact us in the usual way:

jodi@happydogworld.co.uk or holly@happydogworld.co.uk